Orphans and vulnerable children and other underprivileged persons rely and hope on your support to lead healthy lives. Your donations hold power to alleviate their suffering and restore hope to them. Their lives are transformed through your generosity and you sure will be fulfilling a big mission on earth extending the hand of support to needy children and persons.

SUSTAIN Cameroon works directly in the community with, and know these children you anxiously want to reach out to them. The organization will ensure your generous donations reach their destinations and will provide testimonies and inspired stories of persons whose lives you have touched with your assistance. We beseech you to feel confident that your decision to support SUSTAIN Cameroon is worthwhile, and that your donations will be used effectively and efficiently to make a lifesaving difference.
In fact, being at the grassroots, SUSTAIN Cameroon is closer to the people, closer to the problem and has a better understanding of the issues plaguing our local communities and what solutions can be deployed to overcome the issues.

How we ensure your donations reach the target
Although we are a grassroots organization, we strive to be as transparent as possible in the way we handle your donations, thus, we implore the involvement of the local churches, local village development Associations, Traditional councils and traditional authorities in the implementation of the projects your funds support and organize public manifestations involving all stakeholders including government services to announce your donations to beneficiaries and target communities.

SUSTAIN Cameroon makes every effort to be efficient, effective and accountable for every donation you make and by providing necessary documentation required by the donors to reconcile their donations towards assisted beneficiaries. In deed, you are always welcomed to request and review our financial statements.

Last but not least, SUSTAIN Cameroon hopes and wishes your donations and contributions catapults the organization to grow out of a mere grassroots organization to a credible standing to gain international recognition and to reach out to serve a wider target audience.


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