Micro-credit loans have been given out to 05 women to engage in semi-large scale farming; begin small businesses to cater for their economic needs and 05 drop out school youths to purchase motorcycles for commercial purposes. These loans are scheduled to be paid in installments for a period of one year upon which they are recycled to other underprivileged women and youths.

Under the SEED initiative the organization works in collaboration with NINEF; Nintai Bilingual Nursery and Primary School where the school hosts some children currently benefitting from scholarship support towards their education. Scholarship selectees are taken from between the ages of 5 and 10; where the underprivileged minors are offered opportunities to attend schooling to certificate levels while another class of selectees are offered opportunities to learn skills for professional growth in selected trades, particularly school drop-outs. This also considers children at minor ages who pursue training alongside education. Thus, the scholarship support targets both education and professional training.





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