SEED program- Samba’s Story

Meet Samba, he is 11 years old and lives in a rural village in the Momo Division of Cameroon. Samba and his sister Elizabeth are orphans.  When they lost their parents, their aunt took them in but she could not afford to send them to school so the children spent their days helping run the small family farm. There was little chance for them to break the cycle of poverty. When Sustain offered Samba and Elizabeth the opportunity to join their program ‘Support Education and Empowerment for the Disadvantaged’ (SEED) and continue their education the children and their aunt were delighted.

Last year the SEED program was proud to send 15 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) to school.  However Sustain also recognises that children who do not have access to education often need additional support to enable them to attend school. Therefore the SEED program has a holistic approach; in addition to paying for tuition, we provide uniforms, school supplies, healthcare and food. By continuing to attend classes alongside their peers the beneficiaries are able to continue with their childhoods whilst building their future.

Samba and Elizabeth are now working hard to pass their exams and achieve secondary school certificates. By providing the children with access to an education Sustain has given them renewed hope that their dreams are achievable and now Samba wants to give back to his community, “I wish to become a doctor so that I can support children who do not have money to pay for their health treatment”.

Samba and Elizabeth are now building themselves a future, please help other vulnerable children in Cameroon do the same by supporting SEED. Visit: