Education and Vocational Training

Most out-of-school orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) and adolescent girls living in rural areas due to reasons of abject poverty are extremely vulnerable to sexual exploitation as a matter of survival.  Low literacy rates and widespread social stigma are making these orphans and vulnerable persons among the most excluded in society. At least one in three households has an orphan; Illiteracy and poverty among orphans is high. Orphaned children are 5 time more likely to be out of school than average.

SUSTAIN Cameroon runs a scholarship scheme known as SEED: Support Education and Empowerment for the Disadvantaged. Currently 15 children are beneficiaries. The scheme aims at helping vulnerable children with limited parental care pay for their school fees.

The number of drop outs among youths is increasing day by day this is due to the fact that these children do not have adequate means to pursue schooling, and lack the necessary means to raise funds to meeting their basic needs. Most of these children are young girls who are forced into early marriages, and/or who are victims of teenage pregnancies. Our scheme also seeks to identify drop outs youths and offer them with vocational skills trades training opportunities, provide income generation to enable them escape from poverty, trafficking etc.


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