Advocacy campaigns and Child Sexual Abuse prevention

Daily, more than 300,000 children around the world are sexually abused, many by close relatives or people they know and trust. Experts state that one in three girls and one in five boys will experience sexual abuse in their lifetimes. The majority of victims are under the age of ten.
Sadly, the exploitation and sexual abuse of children is nothing new, with clear evidence that it is increasing at an alarming rate day by day.
To combat child sexual abuse crisis in Cameroon and particularly in sub-urban and rural communities, our organization is leading advocacy campaigns, raising awareness, and educating the public, local communities, families and adults against child sexual abuse and its lifelong effects on victimized children.
We are also pressing for greater public involvement in providing opportunities for perpetrators to be brought to justice; and lobby for policy enactments to protect children from abuse. We also provide awareness and education of child sexual abuse prevention for adults and families.
Come join hands with SUSTAIN Cameroon to fight child sexual abuse. “Together we can stop the silence”


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