Executive Summary

SUSTAIN CAMEROON’s Vision is to bring lasting and positive change to Cameroons most vulnerable people by helping them to acquire the education, skills and resources necessary to build secure and peaceful lives

In order to achieve success of our programme, we have entered into partnerships with local district governments, village development and cultural associations, private and public institutions of learning who have agreed to promote and support our programme. Sustain Cameroon will be responsible for locating child victims and ensuring that grants are appropriately used. Detailed reports will be provided to donors, stakeholders and beneficiaries.

However, we believe that, for the project to succeed, extensive community training is needed in the form of intensive interventions with professionals from the following fields:

  • Educators;
  • Religious community leadership (clerical and lay);
  • Health professionals;
  • Social workers;
  • District government officials in other categories.
  • Local leaders

However, our emphasis is on education providing access to schooling to OVCs, providing micro-credits, income generation opportunities for women and drop out youths, and training of young abuse victims on child protection and leading advocacy for community engagement to fight abuse against children. Training, which will involve both theoretical and practical work, will be made specific but, in general, will

  • Identifying child victims of sexual abuse in the community;
  • HIV/AIDS – causes and impacts of the epidemic;
  • The needs and care of at-risk children;
  • Increasing literacy level and raising awareness of educational options
  • provide vocational skills training opportunities for drop out youths who would otherwise not want to continue formal education.